Features : 

  • This type screw can cover large diameter sheet metal holes.
  • Modified Truss Head Screws feature an oversized domed head with a flange, similar to an integral washer.
  • This type screw can be used for securing thin membranes.
  • Truss head screws are well suited for sheet metal and other material with large diameter holes due to their wide head.
  • For attaching metal lath in stucco and other applications to wood or metal studs.

The screws are available in International Standards: DIN; ISO; AS 3566; ANSI; JIS; BS.

Available Material Grades: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Available Surface Treatments: Ruspert ; Cr6+ ; Cr3 ; Black Phosphate.  

Sepcification : 

  • Head Type : Modify Truss Head
  • Recess Type : Philip Recess
  • Self Drilling Screw
  • Point Type : Point No. 2 
  • Zinc Plating

Available sizes: 

  • #8x1/2"
  • #8x3/4"
  • #8x1"
  • #8x1-1/2"
  • #8x2"
  • Or More

Packed quantity in the bucket: 

  • #8x1/2": 500 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.
  • #8x3/4": 350 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.
  • #8x1-1/2": 150 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.
  • #8x2": 150 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.