Features : 

  • Fixing timber to metal substructure.
  • The wings ream up a clearance hole, its diameter is larger than the screw’s thread.
  • The wings shears of the wood when drilling the screw into the wood.
  • The under-head ribs trim the drilled hole for a clean countersink.
  • Wings on the shaft counter-bore hard material and allow the head to countersink for a clean look.


The screws are available in International Standards: DIN; ISO; AS 3566; ANSI; JIS; BS.

Available Material Grades: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel.

Available Surface Treatments: Ruspert ; Cr6+ ; Cr3 ; Black Phosphate.


  • Flat countersunk head with underhead ribs. 
  • Thread type : BSD thread ; full thread length. 
  • Point wings
  • Zinc plating

Availabe size :

  • #7*25 mm 
  • #7*32 mm
  • Or more

Packed quantity in the bucket: 

  • #7*25 mm:700 pcs pack in MW's small bucket. 
  • #7*32 mm:400 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.