Hex Washer Head

Material Carbon Steel C1022
Head Type  Hex Washer Head
Thread Type  Full / Patrial BSD Thread
Point Type  No. 3 Drilling Point
Finish Type  Rainbow Plating (Yellow Zinc)
Size  #10 (≈M4.8)
Length  55mm, 65mm, 75mm
Washer Type  Black EPDM 10#
Application  For light-duty purposes with sheet metal or wood material.


1. Features:
● The hex washer head provides sufficient coverage, perfect for roofing construction.
● Our sharp self-drilling point design brings nothing but an efficient and productive using experience, the pre-drill hole is no longer needed.
● Suitable for light-duty installation with thin steel sheets or wood material.
● Apply with EPDM Washer can create an effective watertight sealing ability to prevent possible leakage.

2. Available Standards:

● AS 3566
● DIN / ISO 

3. Available Material:

● Carbon Steel
● Stainless Steel

4. Available Size:

  ● #10x 55mm, 65mm, 75mm

  ● Other sizes are available upon inquiry.

5. Available Finish:

● Rainbow Plating (Yellow Zinc) ● Ruspert Coating
● Clear Zinc Plating ● Phosphated
● Blue Zinc Plating ● Colors, Thickness, Baking are available upon inquiry.

6. Available Packing:

● "MW" Plastic Box
    #10x55/65mm : 150 Pcs/Box                   #10x75 mm : 100 Pcs/Box
● Bulk Carton  
● Small Box ● Plastic Bag
● Customized packaging and printing are available upon inquiry.