Self-Drilling Screws

Hex Head with EPDM Washer Rainbow Plating Self Drilling Screws

Festures :

  • Cutting edges precisely could decrease less effort when drilling
  • The hex washer head provides bigger cover surface, perfect for roofing construction.
  • Used for sheet metal to sheet metal fastening.
  • The sharp threads create their own mating thread when drilled into the material.
  • For use in metal building applications when moisture needs to be sealed out. 
  • EPDM washers : Provides an effective waterproof seal ; ReduceS thermal motion effects, perfect watertight seal. 
  • For fastening steel to steel, it could be driven with a nut driver. 


The screws are available in International Standards: DIN; ISO; AS 3566; ANSI; JIS; BS.

Available Material Grades: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel.

Available Surface Treatments: Ruspert ; Cr6+ ; Cr3 ; Black Phosphate.

Specification : 

  • Head Type : Hex washer head
  • Washer type : With EPDM washer
  • Self-Drilling screw
  • Point type : PT#3 
  • Thread type : BSD thread
  • Surface treatemnt : Rainbow plating

Available size : 

  • #10x55 mm
  • #10x65 mm
  • #10x75 mm

Packed quantity in the bucket: 

  • #10x55 mm : 150 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.
  • #10x65 mm : 150 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.
  • #10x75 mm : 100 pcs pack in MW's small bucket.