Self-Drilling Screws

Pan Head Rainbow Plating Self Drilling Screws

Pan head is a low disc with chamfered outer edge, flat bearing surface and Philip drive.

Features :

  • On a large mating surface area, allows a firm hold minimizes crushing
  • Suitable for high-torque installations into wood or metal.
  • Minimizing the risk of the screw’s damage because of the pan head’s larger diameter and high edges.
  • The flat underside also helps the surface areas gets a firmer holding.

This screw design could apply on the steel roof construction mostly. Our self-drilling screws requires high speed drilling test performance, this requirement ensures our screw's point and thread could drill in the steel more efficiency at short time.

Specification :

  • Head Type : Pan Head
  • Recess Type : Philip Recess  
  • For light duty purpose
  • Self Drilling Screw
  • Point type : Point No. 3
  • Rainbow plating or more

Available size : 

#10x13 mm  

Or more

Packed quantity in the bucket: 

  • Small box ; 500 pcs in a box